Travel and transport


Operating a fleet of cars, vans or lorries represents a significant financial cost against overheads. Fuel costs are an important part of the financial equation, and can account for 30% or more of the costs of running a goods vehicle fleet. Attention to good fuel management can provide lower costs, improved efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of fleet transport activities.

Hints and tips

Quick hits in achieving lower fuel costs are:
  • Managing fuel consumption through fuel monitoring and targeting
  • Planning journeys to make best operational use of vehicles
  • Reducing aerodynamic drag losses especially for heavy goods vehicle
  • Correct tyre management
  • Regular inspection and preventative maintenance
  • Using environmentally friendly vehicles
  • Adopting alternative fuels

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This page was prepared by Dr David Martin, Ecovector Consulting (view details) who has also provided a more detailed article on energy efficiency in transport and another on transport biofuels.

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