Sankey diagram software

D.P. uses 'Sdraw' ( He told us
"It is an excellent tool for producing sankey diagrams .... The ability to update values by exporting to and importing from Excel is a key feature which avoids having to redraw a diagram. It uses a hardware dongle so we have the software installed on several machines and share the key. I've also used it to investigate metering losses and to demonstrate financial data (where the money goes). Utilities [department] use it regularly to chart water, gas, electricity and steam flows to the site.

It does have a few quirky features such as invisible nodes and streams for making a chart look balanced even if data does not. The manual is adequate but needs a better translation (2001 version)."

Postscript: the suppliers got in touch with us today (2 Dec 05) and said:
We have recently released a new version of SDraw. The new version of SDraw has many new and updated features including:
  • new graphical formats
  • additional interfacing options (export/import)
  • USB dongle (vs serial)
  • expanded help
  • improved online manual
Knowledge of German color names is no longer needed. The new version SDraw v4.0 is available now for shipment with special introductory pricing.

Please encourage your users to download and try the new demo version!