M&T case histories

UserData collection methodsExamples of benefits

higher education college weekly manual meter readings; degree days automatically downloaded from web service discovered that 40% of main campus electricity use was unexpectedly attributable to weather because of unauthorised heaters

chemical works operating distillation columns automatic transfer from process control system detected when operators bypassed a heat recovery unit; enabled optimisation of production on lowest-energy units

pharmaceuticals factory automatic meter reading; own weather station detected simultaneous heating and cooling

headquarters office building monthly manual meter readings and published degree-day data found electric frost-protection heaters running in air handling units and cut consumption by 40%

microelectronics factory weekly manual meter readings; degree-day data automatically downloaded from web service; production statistics downloaded from management system detected major waste in nitrogen plant due to component failure; detected heating boilers running idle

data centre monthly manual meter readings, own degree-day logger detected unauthorised heating of office building converted to storage use.

borough council monthly data entry and analysis by outside bureau detected interference with time control on heating at a depot

brewery weekly meter readings and key production statistics imported from existing management spreadsheets detected electricity lost through throttling of borehole pumps