Sankey diagram
Diagram depicting energy flows, in which relative quantities of energy are represented by breadths of connected arrows. Click here for more.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition: generic term for industrial process control system. Use of a 'historian' (data logging) facility is a convenient way to collect submeter consumption data.

In an energy management scheme, the extent of activities, facilities and energy sources that the organization addresses.

Sensible heat
Heat either released or absorbed which is accompanied by a change in temperature (contrast latent heat).

Sequence control
Applied to banked equipment such as boilers, chillers, etc.; the process of bringing units in and out of service to match demand, isolating surplus units to minimise standing energy loss.

Specific Energy Ratio, for example kWh per tonne of output. Frequently (and wrongly) employed as an indicator of energy performance.

Significant energy use
In ISO50001, a type or manner of application of energy use which accounts for substantial energy consumption or offers considerable potential for energy performance improvement.

There are numerous products for energy monitoring and targeting but often they are restricted to passive reporting. If your interest is routine exception reporting and the detection and diagnosis of avoidable energy waste click here for an article giving guidance on selection criteria. For a wide selection of other tools see EERE web site.

Specific Energy Ratio

Specific heat
Quantitative physical property of a material relating a change in heat content to the corresponding change in temperature.

Standard degree days
Figures used as the basis of normalisation when comparing energy consumptions of buildings in different regions measured at different times in the past. More..

Heat transfer medium mainly for industrial processes where temperatures in excess of 100°C are required. More..

Method of estimating the running power of a significant load by taking successive readings of a consumption meter with the load in question on and off. Try online calculator