Fuel shortages were a powerful incentive to energy saving in the UK in the 1940s particularly with economic growth after the war. In this discussion paper from 2005 Vilnis Vesma argues that a tapering national cap on the supply of fossil-derived fuel would still be very effective today in reducing our energy consumption and emissions.

Heat recovery device

Statistical technique for estimating the relationship between energy consumption and one or more driving factors. Click here for more detail.

Renewable Heat Incentive: UK subsidy for the production of heat from renewable sources such as biomass, biogass, and solar energy

Renewables Obligation: support mechanism for renewable electricity projects in the UK

Renewable Obligation Certificate: tradeable instrument embodying the 'greenness' of renewable electricity; bought and sold independently of the electricity to which it relates

Return on Investment: a measure of the financial viability of a project

Risk of Undetected Loss: method for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of supplementary metering and associated systems, in which the estimated consumption quantity in each significant branch of a utility system is multiplied by a factor representing the long-term likelihood of unexpected excess consumption. See article.